Canvas art is not only attractive but also gives you an original and authentic experience of art with the appearance of a hand- painting. To get a high-quality canvas art, you need to use a high resolution for its printing and durable materials that are in good condition. Canvas printing needs the right amount of picture saturation, contrast, sharpness, and brightness to bring about a captivating image that is not distorted.

If you are looking for canvas printing services, it is essential to avoid those that use low-quality printing technology that only duplicates an image without giving much attention to the quality of the picture. Nowadays, with mobile technology, most people prefer saving their images on their smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. However, nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with viewing a model that has been printed on a canvas.

When it comes to choosing canvas printing service, there are several factors to consider. Some of these factors include; your wall space, the subject matter of your prints, the resolution of your photos, type of mounting hardware, and the price charged.

The following are some of the best canvas printing services that come will not only offer you high quality of image printing but also will give you long-lasting results.

Top Canvas Prints Company

1. Printique

Printique is excellent for printing images that have been shot on a smartphone or a tablet. Also, if you happen to have a mobile device that uses the IOS operation system, you can easily download the Printique app from the store and add images to your account’s gallery via your phone without using a personal computer. The app will also allow you to make edits and upload the image to any place you intend to.

You can easily place an order for an image on the website and pay for it on the same platform. The site is well customized to give you an artistic feel, and it allows you to upload images from social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. With Printique, you are spoilt for options when it comes to choosing the best size for cropping and framing your photos.

Printique website will automatically reject images that have a low resolution or those that do not fit the minimum frame. Printique offers you many different sizes and types of print ranging from metal, wood, or canvas. The paper used for printing is of high quality for the colors to have a lively look and give a detailed appearance.

Printique is ideal for printing images from books, albums, décor, cards, calendars, and images from mobile devices.


  • It is ideal for printing quality and professional photos on canvas
  • Has a convenient and easy to use website and app
  • The materials are of high quality and are well packaged
  • Can support large files


  • Provides a limited number of printed gifts
  • It does not support low-quality images, thus limiting you when you want to print a low-quality image.

2. Snapfish

Snapfish offers you an easy and inexpensive way of keeping your memories fresh and in an artistic way. Uploading photos with Snapfish is easy, especially if you want to upload them from your personal computer or your social media accounts. It is easy to navigate through the app and website as well.

Customers can quickly get whatever they need on the website and have services that give value for money. Colors printed on the canvas bring a live feeling to the canvas with no aspect of oversaturation.

Images printed on the canvas are clear, with every detail clearly defined. Red eyes and edge softening that is common in printing images on fabric are not seen on canvas printed by Snapfish. These aspects have helped Snapfish stand out among other canvas printing services.

Multiple features will enable you to crop and edit photos on both the app and the website. Ordering a photo using this platform has been simplified, and besides, you can order up to 100 photos free of charge each year. Snapfish guarantees you a high-quality canvas printing with captivating color and transparency.

Moreover, Snapfish is known for using environmentally friendly materials that may have been recycled if the need arises. A good example is the frames used for enclosing the canvas are made from recycled oak. The frame is strong and durable, thus translating to a longer lifetime of your canvas art.


  • The service is affordable compared to other canvas printing services
  • Provides creative modern designs for canvas printing
  • Has free tools that can be used to edit photos
  • Has a wide variety of gifts for your photos
  • Gives you several options for printing on a surface
  • Has a decent and easy to use modern web interface
  • Provide you with the possibility of online photo sharing
  • You can easily access the gallery as well as a smooth payment procedure


  • Has a poor paper packaging
  • Does not support TIFF
  • Doesn’t support drag and drop option from a file explorer

3. Shutterfly

Apart from canvas printing, Shutterfly offers you several options in regards to the surfaces you can print your photos. The service is a little more expensive compared to its competitors, but it comes with more free coupons and perks as well as free unlimited cloud storage for your images.

The large memory provided for cloud storage acts as an advantage when it comes to backing up your photos. Photos can be easily uploaded through the app or website. There is also the option of uploading photos from your personal computer as well as social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to the size and style of image that you intend to print on the canvas. Ordering through the website or app is easy and smooth. Before ordering a canvas print, a customer gets to see a 3D preview of the image for them to be sure of what to expect when the order will be completed.


  • Provides a higher amount of gifts with prints
  • Has a good packaging
  • There is shared access to the gallery
  • Allows you to print texts


  • Photos may appear to be a bit blurry
  • Has few options when it comes to online photo editing

4. CanvasPop

CanvasPop helps transform your photos into attractive decorations. Also, it gives you a high quality yet affordable canvas print and gives you satisfactory results. CanvasPop uses top- quality printers and lasting canvases with the option of laminating the canvas to prevent color fading.

Laminating the canvas will also help your photo to last longer and protects them from damage. Most photos from Canvas Pop are large size prints with the least start at eight by 10 inches. For those who intend to create collages or panoramas, there has an option of putting single images on up to four canvases.

CanvasPop is keen on detail and will give you stunning art prints for each image you choose. Apart from offering you canvas printing services, Canvas pop has excellent after-sales services for its customers.
After placing an order, you will be assigned a personal designer who will guide you during the entire process. The designer will give you customized recommendations according to your preference to ensure that the result of the image is vibrant, bold, and well printed on the canvas, thus giving it an appealing look.

Also, you will get expert advice on the best way to adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation that will ensure that the image is ready and perfect. You can also reach out to the designer through an email or a mobile number in the future in case you need any clarification.

Before an image is printed, CanvasPop will send you a copy of the final edit free of charge for you to either agree on view. Most companies will charge for this service. CanvasPop will print images from any source, be it your smartphone or social media account.

In case you choose to print a low-quality image, CanvasPop will still go ahead and print it. They can quickly turn any size or resolution of a photo to large beautiful canvas art.


  • Provides great printing quality
  • Has the option of color and lighting correction
  • Provides value for money
  • Has mounting brackets for your canvas
  • The package is well protected


  • Lacks have crop tools
  • Delivery time may take too long

5. Easy Canvas Prints

This canvas printing service provides high-quality printing and gives you a wide range of photos and sizes to choose from. They pride themselves in having a reliable delivery period. The service is known for its excellent portraits due to its ability to good color rendering and frames.

You can use the website for editing or uploading images. There is an option of using an app on either a smartphone or on a personal computer. The app is suitable for the fast editing of large files or orders, and it also has more editing abilities. You can edit and crop canvas of various sizes up to thirty inches.

In case you want to spend a few bucks, you can adjust the color. There are discount options for a variety of products and services. When the package is being delivered, it is typically gifted in a trendy silky ribbon.

Printing of the canvas will take around 2-3 days. The package is protected from any external damage as well. Customers who buy a canvas that cost more than 49 Dollars are getting to enjoy free shipping and a decent discount on the first order.


  • Has an excellent printing quality
  • The package is well protected for safe delivery to the customer
  • There is a variety of products to choose from
  • TIFF support
  • Has many offers and discounts for customers


  • Lacks online sharing of the gallery on social media platforms and email
  • The web UI is not as convenient as one would expect it to be

6. Amazon Prints

Amazon prints have the best offers for excellent image quality and have a reasonable price as well. However, they do not have a lot of options when compared to other canvas printing services.

When you choose to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will get unlimited access to cloud storage. The feature lets you store as a limitless amount of photos on the cloud, thus acting as a backup for your photos.

Despite having basic offers, Amazon Print charges their customers reasonable prices for printing photos on canvas. Images on the printed canvas are not the best, but at least they appear decent. Immediately after ordering a canvas art, delivery of the same will take around 4- 5 days.


  • Capable of printing photo quality
  • Low prices thus making it affordable to many people
  • Allows free online storage on the cloud
  • You can share files freely to email, social media accounts and between devices
  • Fast delivery that is free of charge


  • Poor packaging
  • The interface does not function properly

7. Canvas On Demand

You can order a canvas art from Canvas On Demand through their website or application. Apart from ordering a canvas, there are other options to choose from, such as phone cases, plates, cups, and t-shirts. Canvas On Demand is known for its high-quality printing that will satisfy any customer.

Canvas On Demand allows you to upload photos from your phone and computer gallery. Also, you can import photos from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the Canvas On Demand application.

There is an extra feature of a fully functional web-UI. The price charges are pocket- friendly compared to other canvas printing services. There is quick delivery, and they have an extra option of you choosing a pick- up point at the nearest store.

Perhaps the main set back with Canvas On Demand is the fact that they package the canvas in a paper, thus making it prone to damage. Another drawback is that there is no delivery for photos that have four by six dimensions and that you have to pick it up at the store physically.


  • There is a high image quality
  • Relatively low prices
  • Has a decent web- UI
  • Fast printing and delivery
  • Provides the customer the choice of a pick- up point
  • Allows online photo sharing


  • Poor packaging which is done in a paper envelope
  • Only prints JPG and PNG files

8. iCanvas

iCanvas is famous for delivering high- quality photos for a pocket- friendly price. However, it doesn’t have a comprehensive web- UI in case you need to print your photo online. On the positive side, iCanvas has excellent online photo editing tools.

Online photo editing tools will allow you to adjust the image for it to fit templates that vary in sizes and shapes. This canvas printing service is suitable for printing large canvas sizes with the smallest photo size measuring eight by 10 inches.

Photos can easily be uploaded from your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer’s storage location. In addition to that, you can import photos from social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When you place an order, it will be delivered safely in a paper envelope with cardboard around the photo to offer it extra protection. Delivery happens between 5- 6 days after placing an order. I- Phone and I- Pad users whose smartphones have the IOS operation system can download the iCanvas app on the store.

Apart from canvas printing, customers can enjoy other printing services from iCanvas, such as stationery, cups, mugs, keychains, t-shirts, banners, mobile phone cases, ties, napkins, and posters. Moreover, there are discounts on many occasions when you place an order with them.


  • High-quality image printing
  • Secure cardboard enclosing of the package for extra protection
  • Allows online photo sharing
  • You can edit your images online through their website


  • Can only print limited file sizes
  • Takes too long to deliver files

9. CVS Photo

These are personal photos- Kiosks that offer customers the convenience of getting their canvas photos printed conveniently and quickly. However, the photo quality varies depending on many factors. One factor that affects the quality of the picture is the location that you choose to print your canvas.

CVS is known for giving its clients satisfactory and consistent results when it comes to canvas printing. Moreover, results are instant since you will be given your canvas print immediately after printing and on-site as opposed to waiting for several days for it to be delivered. This means that you will get to control the final results of how your canvas print appears.

Kodak Kiosks are an excellent example of a CVS Photo. There is an online app that will allow you to import and upload photos from your mobile device, computer, and social media accounts.

There are several discounts available for customers who intend to print their canvas. The packaging is done in a regular envelope. Apart from canvas printing services, CVS photo printing has other services such as calendars, photo books, gift cards, wedding invitations, among others.


  • Can print both low and high-quality photos
  • Has relatively low prices
  • Provides users with a convenient and easy to use the app


  • Poor packaging which may leave the package vulnerable to damage
  • Photos that are printed often appear to be dark

10. Canvas Champ

Canvas Champ prints high-quality canvas photos with a professional touch. After placing your order on the website or app, the image is printed and shipped within 24 hours. Images printed on the canvas are high-quality images, especially those that are black and white.

Canvas Champ has made it easy for customers and online users to navigate through their website and application. Also, there are many ways you can import and upload your photos to the site or app. You can upload images from social media accounts, your mobile devices, and computer.

Uploaded photos are checked by expert designers to ensure that the image quality meets the minimum threshold. Canvas Champ is keen to ensure they meet customer demands.

If you choose to order an inexpensive canvas photo, the results of the picture may appear to be dark, thus leaving out small details. This means that you will get what you pay for.

The delivery of your printed canvas photo will take one to three days. Moreover, there is an efficient customer service that is fast and reliable.

After placing your order, the photo is safely packed inside a plastic covering. This canvas printing service has an understandable web UI, careful packaging with online photo editing tools on their website.


  • Has user-friendly web UI
  • Safe packaging for protection of the canvas art
  • High-quality printing
  • Provides users a wide range of products, offers, and discounts
  • Allows online sharing of gallery


  • Price may seem expensive if you need to print a high-quality image
  • Does not support TIFF or PNG


When printing a canvas, you should have specific display methods in mind. One key aspect of canvas printing is the contrast level. The type of texture on the canvas may affect the level of contrast on your printed photo.

If you choose a landscape display, use a more slightly higher contrast. On the other hand, portraits will look better with a lower level of contrast. Additional important notes to consider when printing a canvas are the size of the photo, the frame to be used, the ink used for printing, and the color dynamic.

For those looking to print large mountable photos, CanvasPop is the way to go. If you intend to use a canvas printing service that provides you with a vast number of selection media for printing your photos Shutterfly will be the best option for you. Snapfish comes in handy for those who are looking for an affordable canvas printing service that has high-quality images and a modern website.