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Canvas Champ is one of the best corporations for online printing solutions that deliver customized photo gifts products to anyone and everyone from all the corners of the world. They manufacture the best quality photo products to make your home feel homier with your creativity.

There’s no doubt that canvas art is attractive. If well done, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy authentic aesthetics and interact with the mood of the painting. That, however, isn’t always the case especially if you choose to work with a below-par printing service. So, you need to always look closely so you can find a platform that’s worth its weight in gold.

A company like Canvas Champ, for instance, has carved a niche for itself by striving to deliver the best quality at the cheapest possible prices. But as you know, it’s rare for adjectives like “cheap” and “excellent” to be used in one sentence. And, therefore, when you hear of what this company claims to offer, it’s normal to be skeptical. So we dug out the details for you to help determine whether or not this is a printer you can bank on.

Canvas Champ Overview

Canvas Champ is a branch of the Banner Buzz Store which has been in the industry for close to three decades. The company boasts a wide global presence with branches in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, and China.

For that reason, they stand out with their wide network which makes them easily the best choice for you, no matter which part of the globe you might be ordering from. You can even order some canvases for your family members who live in the countries this company has branches in and have them delivered to them directly.

For instance, if you live in the US, you can order a canvas print for your relatives in Australia and have them delivered by the Australian branch of Canvas Champ. That way, you can bypass the shipping delays which arise due to distance and customs requirements.

And another thing, this company has a 24/7 customer support desk. So, in case you have any queries, you can always reach out to them and get a response in real-time.

How It Works

To begin with, the company has what in our opinion qualifies as probably one of the best platforms for ordering custom canvas prints online. They offer a wide variety of prints ranging from canvas prints, wall display prints, photo collage, hexagonal prints, split canvas, wood print, acrylic prints, photo mosaic, metal prints, lyrics on canvas and even 3D photo prints.

Once you have specified the kind of print you’d like to have done, the next task will be to choose the mode of upload. You can either choose to upload directly from your computer which is the most common method with all online platforms nowadays. Alternatively, you can go to the Canvas Champ gallery to explore some of the images that you can upload from there.

Are you a social media person? Well, the good news is that you can also upload your photos from either your Facebook or Instagram pages. The beauty of this system is that the upload options have all been reduced into one-click tasks. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s an upload limit of 25MB per file.

Once the upload is done, the next task is to select the perfect size for your canvas. You can always go with the recommended settings or opt for custom ones. As for the wraps and borders, you get to choose the thickness of the border and whether you want a plain border color, image wrap or mirror image.

Lastly, there’s the process of choosing the kind of hardware you’d like to accompany the canvas. For instance, you can choose to settle for the free hanging hooks or go for the sawtooth hanger or easel stand. You can also choose to adjust the color finishing with Sepia and GrayScale filters being available free of charge.

The icing on the cake is that you can always make some ultra-specific choices when making an order. For instance, you can opt to have an expert do a minor photo retouching at no extra cost. Some common retouches offered here include:

  • Date stamp removal
  • Dust or scratch removal
  • Red-eye removal
  • Color enhancement
  • Lightening or darkening of the image

As for major retouches, you simply need to specify them on a box that’s provided. Best of all, you can drop your digital proof request along with that request and have everything done in a span of 24 hours (online).

So, that’s pretty much it – a straightforward ordering process that empowers you to express exactly what you want to see on the final photo. We believe that this is one of the biggest missing links on most online canvas ordering platform and for that reason, we’d like to give Canvas Champ a thumbs up.

Proofing Services

Digital proofs are the only way to see exactly what you’re getting. This eliminates any chances of confusion, especially because in some rare cases, the graphic designers might slightly alter your original design in preparation for the final printing task.

So, when you get the opportunity to approve this, you also get the power to ensure that only what you like is printed and sent to you. And that’s a pretty cool thing.

Customer Service

To begin with, this company is home to over 200 members of staff and with a wide global presence, so they have a name to keep and would do anything to keep it. But perhaps one of the most encouraging facts about them is that they have a 24/7 customer support team.

The team can be reached either through their phone number, email or live chat. What’s more? They have a comprehensive FAQs section on their website meaning you can always find answers to your burning queries at any given time.

Image Quality

Not only do you get the image delivered on a high-quality piece of canvas but the colors and clarity are also sure to stun. The colors are pretty rich and realistic as well and we thank their great designers for their ability to ensure that the final product retains its original value and features.

Also, we think the company has some pretty good printers because only a state-of-the-art printing machine can provide excellent print quality.

Quality of Workmanship

All images are printed on archival grade canvas which is, no doubt, the gold standard of print. The frame (optional) is made from kiln dried pine which is handcrafted to perfection. You’re also sure to get some pre-installed hanging hardware as well. And if you’re looking to leave nothing to chance, you can always order that the canvas be laminated.

Once again, this is a handmade process although you’d need to pay a few more bucks for it. Generally, though, we’d like to say that the company offers an above-average quality of workmanship and the deal gets even better if you’re willing to pay up for the add-on services.


The prices vary depending on the product you opt for. But as far as canvas prints are concerned, 5inch x 7inxh is the smallest unit that you can find here – actually, this is probably the smallest option you’ll find on the markets. Plus you can always order for a custom size by inputting your preferred image dimensions.

Of course, the larger the image, the more you can expect to pay to have it printed and delivered. The good news for those thinking of making bulk orders is that the company actually offers free shipping for all orders exceeding $99.

And that’s not all, there are always new offers being dished out here. For instance, you can get a free 5inch X 7inch canvas print for subscribing to their email list. You can also claim more discounts by inputting a Canvas Champ coupon code on the checkout page. If you’re looking for the best prices on the market, we think you’ll fall in love with the kind of deals this company has to offer.

What We Don’t Like About Them

Due to the surging popularity of this company, they have had issues emanating from technical hitches causing delays in deliveries. These are what we’d prefer to refer to as teething challenges as the company strives to keep up with its global-wide demands. But that said, we’re glad to note that the company is quickly learning the ropes. They have invested heavily in their customer support manpower.

So clearly, even though they’ve had their fair share of challenges in the past, they seem really keen on improving, going forward.

The second gripe we’d pick with them is that they take quite some time to ship their orders. On average, it takes them 5 days to dispatch an order and an extra 7 days for it to arrive. So, if you’re looking for a really fast service and this kind of pace seems too slow for you, you’ be better off working with another provider. We also think that the company needs to consider in-store pickups to partly address this problem.

Final Thoughts

Canvas Champ makes creating authentic canvas prints easy. The final product from the company is of very high quality. And best of all, you get to decide how much control you want throughout the design process. All this makes Canvas Champ one of the most reliable canvas printing sites available today.