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CanvasFreaks was founded in 2016 by three young entrepreneurs with the ambitious goal of transforming the US home decor industry. Today, CanvasFreaks has  40+ dedicated employees and growing at an ever-increasing rate, while still keeping its relentless innovating spirit.

What makes Canvas Freaks the ultimate canvas printing company? One of the things that made me get attracted to Canvas Freaks was its unique approach to the business. Their collection of art is composed of the best and most original art you would ever find.

All of the arts found on their website are high quality and are the original works of various artists selected from every part of the world. A team of professionals carefully crafts the canvas. Each of their canvas is hand-stretched at their facility in Florida. At the end of the canvas- crafting process, the outcome is usually a high- quality and uniquely- designed canvas.

The imagery on my wall has wowed most people that have visited my house and set their eyes on the canvas prints I ordered from the company. Moreover, the canvas art will be ready for hanging after getting it out of the box. Canvas Freaks are not only good with indoor canvas designs but also outdoor displays as well.

The following are some of the things that I found outstanding about the canvas printing company.

1. Easy To Navigate Website

This might seem pretty obvious, but it is one of the things that caught my eyes. Anybody visiting a website would love to have an easy time navigating through the pages and quickly locate whatever they were searching for. Canvas Freaks company website is not only easy to use but also has a modern and artistic design.

The first thing you will set your eyes on is a gallery full of world-class photos that are well categorized. The categories include home photos, office, bedroom, living room, garage, and outdoor images.

There is a section for different types of collections ranging from anime photos, landscape views, military photos, cannabis photos, space photos, movies, country life photos to ocean photos.

Did I mention that most of these photos are original works of different artists and designers? There is something for everyone when it comes to choosing a picture that will give you and your visitors a good impression.

Are you looking for collections of office art to set up at your place of work? You can quickly locate office photos on the collection segment on the website. The canvas designs in this segment vary in terms of size, designs, and color to suit every person that visits the site. There are collage designs for office designs. You can also customize an existing photo on the website and add words or an image that best suits you.

2. High-Quality Printing

This is one of the aspects that makes the canvas printing company stand out from the rest. Canvas Freaks have adopted the latest technological trends in the business to make sure they deliver high-quality canvas prints. You can easily upload photos from your phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Canvas Freaks insists on high-resolution photo uploads. This implies that every photo upload on the website will undergo a thorough verification process to ensure the resolution is correct.

To be sure of the photo quality, you are advised to upload it from your computer and not from the phone. This is because when a photo is stored on the phone’s memory, the quality may be altered for it to fit in the format used by the phone.

In case you are torn between choosing a small size photo and a large photo, I would advise you to upload the large photo. The final image that will appear on the Canvas prints will be larger than the original one on your device.

The recommended size should at least have 1440 to 960 pixels on the length and 950 to 660 pixels for the height. Also, landscape images tend to appear better on the canvas.

3. Fast-Shipping Times

After successfully placing my order on the website, I was able to know the date I should expect the canvas delivered. Initially, Canvas Freaks had indicated that they would provide the canvas after seven days, but I was able to get my hand on the canvas after four days. That is incredibly fast compared to the time taken by competitor companies to deliver the same.

It also implies that the company does not intend to stay with the art if they finish working on it before the expected time. Usually, they will ship your order between seven to ten days after successfully placing you’re the order online.

When the canvas print is being shipped, it is well- wrapped with materials to ensure the canvas is protected from damage. The canvas will be delivered in the best condition, and in case you notice any damage, you are eligible to return it free of charge. Canvas has free shipping for all orders from the United States.

4. Reliable Customer Care Service

When placing your order online, you are asked to give your email and phone number. After submitting your photo, you will receive a phone call from one of Canvas Freaks customer care officers who also double as professional designers.

The person on the other side will give you a step by step review of your photo and even propose to you places you should edit the picture further for a better canvas print image. The designers will give you the best effects and cues that should be applied to your photo to improve it further.

The changes may include brightness, contrast, orientation, size, sharpness, and color. After having made the necessary edits on the image, you will be able to view the preview of the photo. The preview is a depiction of how your photo will appear on the canvas.

5, You Can Customize Your Designs on Already Existing Images

Do you want to put your favorite pet memories on the wall? You can easily do this by choosing one of the customizable images on their website. If you intend to Photoshop your dog on the moon with an astronaut suit, Canvas Freaks has got your back on that.

Custom freaks have hundreds of customizable designs on their website. The images are organized according to different categories for you to easily navigate through. Are you interested in putting your name alongside that of your spouse on the canvas? No need to look further because they have that covered.

The customizable designs are great for any room in your house or office space. Customized canvas designs give the room a feeling of ownership and class.

6. Affordable rates

No one would like to spend every penny on their card buying a canvas print. As much as we would like our rooms to look unique, it is advisable to always go for affordable services. However, cheap may translate to poor services.

When it comes to Canvas Freaks, they will offer fantastic canvas printing services at affordable prices. The photos displayed on their website can be used free of charge by any visitor. Besides, you will be given discounts and offers at various instances.

In case you intend to order a large number of canvas prints, you will be given a handsome discount that will make you want to order more of them. New clients that have made their first order will be eligible for many offers as well.

Shipping across the US is free of charge, and there are no extra charges after placing your order. You will also get to view a preview of the canvas print free of charge. A member of their professional team will keep in touch with you via phone calls and emails throughout the process.

The whole process is nothing but amazing. After interacting with the customer care personnel, I was able to learn many aspects of photo editing I didn’t know before. I was also able to get a discount for my order after interacting with the customer care officer.

7. Gives You a Chance to Make Extra Cash

Who doesn’t like making an extra coin without straining their back? Canvas Freaks has many job offers for media influencers and artists. You can apply to be one of their artists, and if accepted, you will get paid for every photo taken by them.

Moreover, your artwork will be posted on various platforms and social media websites, and this might get you more clients in the future. All credit and commission are usually given to the artist if the client chooses their work.

Brand ambassadors will be responsible for boosting the company image and presence online. For you to qualify for the position, you must have more than 5,000 followers on social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter.


  • High-quality image printing
  • Fast and reliable customer care
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Fast shipping of canvas products
  • You can track your order when it’s being shipped
  • You can still earn with them as an artist or a brand ambassador


  • Some orders may take up to ten days to be delivered
  • Canvas Freaks only accepts high-resolution images
  • Free shipping is only limited to the US
  • Can only ship with USPS and FedEx


It is with no doubt that Canvas Freaks has proven to be ahead of the game when it comes to canvas printing services. They not only strive to serve you well but also intend to build a long-lasting relationship for you to be one of their esteemed clients.