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CanvasHQ has been in the canvas prints business for over seven years. They are a family owned and operated canvas printing company based in Fort Smith, AR.

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to print your next canvas print photo? Canvas HQ photo canvas is one of the leading companies in the business. They not only look forward to just printing your canvas photo but also establish a long-lasting relationship with you for future projects.

The company strives to not only provide high-quality canvas printing services but also deliver each order on time. After I placed my order on their website, I was contacted immediately by their customer service personnel.

Canvas prints are great and beautiful work of art that transforms an ordinary photo on your gadget, or social media account into fantastic artwork. After going through several options, I was able to single out CanvasHQ as the company with the best canvas printing services.

High-Quality Canvas

A canvas print should have a more significant impression that the image on the original photo. The quality of a canvas print heavily relies on the material used to make the canvas. Most canvas prints are displayed publicly; thus, the outcome of the printing job should be satisfactory.

Canvas prints should look and feel like an artwork made from an oil painting. Canvases from CanvasHQ are of high quality and have extra protection for longevity purposes. They use canvas fabrics that have been made from cotton, thus ensuring the canvas is smooth and can deliver a high-quality image.

The type of canvas used to print your photo will affect image quality and appearance. Before going for a printing service, you should ask yourself questions like; what type of canvas they use. Are they using gloss or matt canvas? If they use gloss canvas, your image will have a bright appearance under light but may have a distorted color.

You can easily order your canvas print on CanvasHQ

Apart from delivering high-quality canvas prints, Canvas HQ has gone a step further to ensure you spend little time ordering your piece. Ordering a canvas print on their website is fast, easy, and reliable.

Also, you are given the option of viewing previews and proofs for you to ensure every detail of your order has been captured. Previews are essential, especially for those who want to place an order for a large number of canvas prints.

After I placed my order, I received a phone call from one of their reliable customer care officers who also doubled as a design expert. CanvasHQ will assign you one of their professional designers for them to give you the right guidance to how you can edit and change your photo in the best ways possible. This is a huge plus for such a business.

1. Fast shipping

Canvas HQ works round the clock to ensure they meet deadlines. Their shipping timeframe is insanely fast. After placing my order, I was able to receive my canvas prints after three days. Note that my orders were to be shipped after seven days.

The prints were well packaged to protect them from any kind of damage. They also have a window period in which you can contact them back in case you feel something is missing in your canvas prints.

Note that due to the nature of canvas printing, the delivery may take a longer time than other printing services. Most of the orders received by CanvasHQ are delivered between three to seven days. A good tip to overcome waiting for a long time for your canvas print to be delivered is to make the order a week before the actual time you need the canvas delivered.

2. Amazing Customer Service

I was able to get regular communications from one of their customer service officers between the time I ordered my canvas prints, and when I received them. Their customer care officers are also professional designers.

After placing an order on the website or app, you will be assigned one of their designers to take you through each order. The designer is meant to give you advice on the best size, shape, effects, and cues that will work for your canvas prints.

Moreover, they have other services like helping you design a gallery wall and interior space. This is an essential aspect of canvas printing since they will analyze the background of your wall and give you the best canvas designs that will add color to your room. This service is not found in many canvas printing businesses.

3. Affordable prices

We all love getting the best service at an affordable rate, don’t we? CanvasHQ does precisely that. Their prices are quite affordable, and that does not mean they have to compromise on the quality of the product they offer.

After opening an account with them on their website, you will be eligible for some free goodies. They offer free access to their gallery and also give a handsome discount on some of their canvas prints.
Be sure to check them out during festive seasons and national holidays since they are most likely to have a black sales offer. Also, there is a discount if you choose to order multiple canvas prints. Indeed, there is something for everyone when it comes to CanvasHQ.

4. Eye-catching Image Printing

Just like any other printing, the printing of the images should meet quality standards. CanvasHQ has adopted the latest technological trends to ensure the best image quality. This is very important in canvas printing.

When printing a canvas, the image is enlarged for it to fit on the frames. This might alter the quality of the image and make it appear blurry. When the image is printed on canvas, some crucial details may disappear in the process.

Canvas HQ insists on high-quality photos for printing. In case your photo is blurry or has a low resolution, they will give you the best advice on how to edit the image to make it more appealing and great for a canvas.

It is essential to choose a canvas printing service that keeps image resolution as one of the vital aspects of printing. CanvasHQ has systems that conduct checks on an image to ensure it meets the resolution requirements. This will, in turn, help their clients avoid bad prints.

If you have a low-resolution photo, you can email them, contact them via the website, or call their customer care number for advice on how to go about it. If the image cannot be edited for a better resolution, they will advise you not to go ahead with the order.

Unique printing styles

CanvasHQ has different printing styles and for their canvas prints. Also, if you are into collages, they have different styles for printing and arranging the canvas prints. Whether you need a portrait, landscape, panoramic view, there is something for you with Canvas HQ.

Collage prints are suitable for weddings and holiday displays. If you need a single portrait image, then it will look best in a square canvas. Single image portraits are ideal for homes, offices, and studios.

Well- finished canvas prints

CanvasHQ has an eye for detail when it comes to delivering high-quality canvas prints. After printing the canvas, it is well accessed for final touches. This is to remove lumpy corners that may have been poorly folded.

A well- printed canvas should not have folds or anything that may alter the appearance of the image. When the canvas is shipped, there should be measures taken to ensure no damage happens to the canvas print. If the canvas print is delivered with folds, you have the freedom to send it back and have it redone.


  • Attention to detail
  • Great customer care service
  • Has several offers and discounts
  • Assurance of a high image quality
  • Free shipping for all U.S orders
  • Available assistance from professional designers
  • Free touchups to remove any imperfections
  • Affordable canvas printing services that do not compromise on quality


  • Shipping may take longer than expected
  • Only prints high-resolution images


When it comes to CanvasHQ, it’s more than just canvas printing. They go further ahead to ensure they capture creativity in each order. After placing an order, you will be assigned a personal designer who will guide you throughout the process.

CanvasHQ will give you the best recommendations that will ensure the image is bold and well oriented on the canvas. During the printing process, adjustments are made on the image for the best outcomes. The modifications include brightness, saturation, contrast, and removal of red eyes to deliver perfect images.

The customer care team is available both online and offline. You can choose to contact them via social media, email, and live chat on the website or via a direct call.

If I said, Canvas HQ is the guru of canvas printing services; I would not be wrong going by the results of their work on my orders. They not deliver high- quality canvas prints but also make regular follow-ups on their clients via email, social media, or phone calls.

CanvasHQ has a way of building long-lasting relationships with its clients. If you are looking to have your image printed, be sure to check their website for a fantastic experience.