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CanvasPop is the leader in turning your favorite memories into wall art. They print personalized photos and art on high-quality canvas, make custom framed prints, plush photo pillows and more.

There’s no doubt that canvas printing is one of the best ways to bring photos to life. So, whether you’re an artist, interior designer or simply a homeowner who wants to capture and preserve those unique moments in a special way, it’s important to work alongside a professional printer.

Talking about professionalism, CanvasPop is one of the few printers out there who has built the reputation of abiding by the strict industry standards. But what makes them different from everyone else, that is? Here are our two cents.

Canvas Pop Overview – Everything There Is To Know

Founded in 2009, Canvas Pop Las Vegas and Ottawa based company that focuses on printing images on canvas. The company currently has 56 employees and mainly relies on a vibrant customer support team to establish a powerful presence on an otherwise highly competitive marketplace.

Indeed, at the time of writing this review, we were more than impressed by the manner in which their support team handled our queries via email. So, basically, we were able to send an image to them and after a short time, they sent us a preview of it and how it’d appear once printed.

This was such a good thing for them to do because it helped us confirm everything before the final printing was done. Of course, there are so many other companies that do exactly the same thing but they charge a fee for that. With Canvas Pop, you get all that done for free.

The Cost of Using Canvas Pop Printing Services

Their prices start from as low as $30. Of course, you’d expect to pay a little more than that if going for a larger image. Usually, the more the canvas space consumed, the higher the cost of printing becomes.

From our experience, this is one of the few companies that abide by the standard of not stretching the images. You see, there are quite a few companies that prefer to stretch the images so they can charge you a few extra dollars to have it printed. Oftentimes, that can distort the original quality of the image, causing it to look less sharp and less appealing.

So, as far as quality and professionalism are concerned, we’d confidently say that every cent you pay to CanvasPop is well worth it.

But there’s a catch – you would need to pay extra for the frame. Of course, you don’t always need a frame but if you’re planning to hang the image at home or office, it’s always a good idea to have it delivered with a frame.

The beauty about paying up for the frame as well as it that you’ll also receive the nails and hooks needed to hang it on the wall.

Professional Appearance

The canvas prints delivered by CanvasPop are quite good looking. That’s partly due to the fact that they are handmade and also that they are handled by people who have been doing this for years. And because the end product usually doesn’t have a high proportion of gloss sheen, you’re left to solely focus on the details of the photo. It’s no wonder most photographers prefer canvas over ordinary photos.


This is perhaps the main benefit of going for canvas prints as opposed to any other material. If you’ve been to museums or art galleries, chances are that you know that some of their canvas artworks have been there for centuries – yet they still don’t seem to lose their intrinsic qualities. Likewise, CanvasPop products are made from sturdy materials which are guaranteed to remain in good shape, for long. It’s no wonder the company provides a 100% “Love it” guarantee for life.

Three Dimensional Printing

As we all know, traditional photos are typically designed to appear as flat images, especially when placed against the wall. On the contrary, canvas printouts usually stun with their ability to spark interests by bringing every tiny detail to your attention. In other words, we found that by getting your images printed by the awesome guys at CanvasPop, it’s actually possible to bring details that would, otherwise, have been ignored, to life.

An Easy Way to Place an Order

If you were to try and do this a decade ago, chances are that you’d have really struggled to book an appointment with the printer. And if you were lucky to get their attention, you’d have needed to make a long trip and still wait on the queue when you got to their office.

With CanvasPro though, and thanks to the power of modern technology, the process of placing a printing order is extremely easy and straight to the point. You simply need to create an account using your email address – this effectively helps capture your details so you can always have your details in the account if you need to re-order in the future.

Don’t feel like registering first? Well, you can simply proceed by inserting your email and uploading the image that you want to be printed. You can choose to upload any file that’s on your computer or mobile phone. Alternatively, you can make a direct upload from either Facebook or Instagram.

Selecting the Right Frame

Once the image has been uploaded, your next major task will be that of choosing whether you want a canvas paper print or a framed paper one. Then you’ll choose the dimensions you’d like the final image to be. For instance, you can go for the common 12×16 inch dimensions.

And for an even more stylish and classy finish, you want to select the ideal photo wrap edge for it. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay more for this. However, if you want a stylish and classy frame added, you’ll need to part with a few more dollars for that. But as we have already noted, we’re confident that the amount you pay for this will be well worth it.

Digital Proof

Once you have completed the task of filling up all the necessary details, the next step is to simply request for a digital proof. This is done by ticking the option that reads “Send a digital proof.”

That’s an important step especially if you want to double check everything before the final canvas is eventually manufactured. The company usually sends a digital proof by email, and this normally happens in less than 24 hours.

You can download it, note changes, zoom in or even just approve it as it is for print. While at it, please note that there are quite a few touchup options right up your alley. So, you can always pick them at your convenience. However, you’d need to part with an extra $9.95 for photo touch up services. Some of the extras included in this package are:

  • Removal of facial blemishes, scars, and moles
  • Teeth whitening
  • Adding some texting to the photo
  • Elimination of imperfections and small scratches
  • Complete removal of small objects such as wires and signs

Other extra services provided by CanvasPop include Design Enhancement for $30 and Design Makeover for $50.

The design enhancement package includes services like:

  • Addition or removal of people in a photo
  • Addition or removal of large objects
  • A digital facelift
  • Everything else provided under the touch-up package

Design Makeover

This is an advanced service that enables you to get a complete photo restoration done. Some of the tasks provided within this package include:

  • Total background replacement
  • The restoration of torn or faded photographs
  • All the services provided under the Design Enhancements and Touch-up Service tiers

Completing the Final Transaction

To complete the transaction, you’ll need to make a payment. The company accepts both PayPal and credit card payments. In the course of doing so, you’ll need to enter your shipping and billing address. One thing we’d like to note is that there’s the option of redeeming a gift card – this is easily done by simply inserting a coupon code.

You may want to keep an eye on the CanvasPop deals page as well for some extra promos that can help you cut the cost of your next print.

The Delivery

Immediately your canvas print is ready, the company will wrap it up in a well-fitting bubble wrap and then put it inside a carton box. The box is quite sturdy and the bubble wrap provides a much-needed shock absorption effect. On the flipside though, the box seems quite cheap and generic. We think that going forward, the company may want to improve on the visual appearance of their packaging or perhaps borrow a leaf from Amazon or Apple.

Our Verdict & Final Thoughts

Overall, we were more than impressed by the company’s straight-forward ordering and checkout process. We were even more impressed by the fact that they provide digital proofs at no additional cost.

The company behind it all is quite reputable and from the look of things, their employees seem quite happy working there. Plus, they make sure to inspect each and every order before it’s shipped to you. So, in terms of value for money, we’re confident that CanvasPop meets (and even exceeds) the grade.

Two thumbs up from us.