They say that every canvas has a story and, therefore, if you’re looking to preserve all those precious memories, you’re better off opting for this kind of print. As you know, the canvas is a long-lasting material that does an incredible job of bringing out the detail in your images and designs.

But if there’s one thing that really matters when it comes to canvasses is the kind of printing technology used for it. Just a bit of compromise can ruin an otherwise great family portrait and with the stakes being so high, it’s only safe to work with a trustworthy design and printing company.

The Easy Canvas Prints Company is one of the many rivaling for a space in this competitive market. But are they as good as their sales copies might want you to believe? We explore.

Easy Canvas Overview

Based in Austin Texas, Easy Canvas is one of the fast-growing art print companies in the country. The company was founded in 2010 and since then claims to have served thousands of customers from across the country. Their consistency seems to be paying off as so far they have been featured on the NBC, Martha Steward, Houzz, and Photo District News platforms.

You may not have known it yet but Easy Canvas is actually affiliated with Build A Sign, a company that was established in 2005. Generally, the Build A Sign family seems to specialize in printing all manner of stuff from home decor, apparel to signage. In fact, apart from Easy Canvas Prints they also have another company known as Allied Shirts. In total, the Austin-based company has seen its workforce grow to over 400 employees over the last 12 years.

So, indeed, the moment you start working with them, you can rest assured that this isn’t one of those fly-by-night or weekend warrior companies. They have an established culture and a name to keep.

How It Works

In keeping up with the trends, Easy Canvas has a well-established online platform for uploading photos and sending them for printing. You’ll simply need to upload a photo from your device’s memory. For now, there’s no way to make a direct upload from Facebook or Instagram and we hope to see them introduce this feature going forward.

The canvas prints are available in different sizes with the smallest one being the 8inch x 8inch variety which goes for slightly above $30. The largest canvas that you can get printed by Easy Canvas Prints is 30inch x 40inch in size. Of course, the prices increase as the size of the art increases.

You also have the option to decide whether you want your print framed or not. Of course, the frame is such an important part of any good looking wall art and unless you’re an accomplished DIYer, we’d encourage you to order a frame as well.

All the frames are made from wood and are meant to provide a clean and stronger borderline. This adds to the wealth and beauty of the final product. Some of the framing options at your disposal include:

  • Classic brown
  • Classic black
  • Modern brown
  • Modern black
  • Brazilian Barnwood (rustic looking)

Also, you have the freedom to choose how you want the back of your canvas to look. If you’re on a tight budget you can always opt for the open back surface. However, if you can afford to cough some extra 3 bucks, the good guys at Easy Canvas Prints can get a dust cover installed. You can even pay an extra buck to have a canvas stand mounted – ideal if you’d like the canvas to be displayed on a flat surface such as on the shelf or desk.

Mounting Options

Before you finish the checkout process, there’s an option to choose the kind of mounting you want. This is an important step to complete as it helps the company prepare the perfect mounting hardware for you.
Option one is to go for the wall mount option where you’ll get a simple hook system that you can easily attach to your wall. The second option is a more dynamic hanging system comprising of multiple hooks that can balance up to 75 lbs.

This is the most preferred option for precise placement. It’s worth mentioning, however, that each one of these mounts goes for an extra cost with the cheapest one of the two starting at $1.50. Fortunately, you can skip this step and head to the shopping cart.

If you have a promo code, this is where you can add it. The discount will be applied and you’ll simply need to click on the checkout button to finish the transaction. The company accepts all the major credit cards and PayPal as modes of payment.

Proofing Services

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the need for proofing before printing. So, the moment you place an order, you’ll not have the opportunity to see the final version of it until the actual print arrives.

The problem here is that if graphic designer on their end tampers with your photo, you don’t get a chance to correct that until the printed canvas arrives. So, it’s easy to end up with a less-than-perfect canvas despite paying expensively for it.

Honestly, we think this company can really consolidate its reputation if it introduces this service. It will help them eliminate a lot of back and forth in the long-run and that would be a good thing for everyone including their customers.


One thing that has kept this company moving is their ability to offer quick services. Their customer service team is highly responsive and the entire printing process is done promptly. So, if you’re looking for a canvas printing service with a fantastic turnaround time, we think Easy Canvas would be a fantastic option. What’s more? They have a really great website and an entire FAQ section which provides answers to all the tiny queries you might be having.

Image Quality

What makes canvas prints so attractive compared to any other posters is that they offer a sense of authenticity. That said, it takes a professional to convert virtually any photo into an eye-popping work of art.

In that regard, we think that Easy Canvas has a good sense of quality. Their printing machines clearly have high-resolution printing capabilities plus the final product is durable and generally well-constructed. Clearly, the people doing the printing have the skills of adjusting things like contrast, sharpness, and saturation.

This way, whenever you place an order, you’re almost assured that the image will retain its captivating appeal. And in case the design team notices that the image you sent them doesn’t meet the cut, they’d gladly get in touch with you concerning that.

In fact, the only issue we have with Easy Canvas is that they don’t lay much emphasis on digital proofs especially when their designers deem that your image is fit for printing. And unfortunately, some of the enhancements they introduce may not work for everyone. So, once again, while we feel that this company is really good at designing and printing stuff, we think that they should give the consumer a bigger say in the pre-printing stage. This way, you’d easily avoid wasting time and money.

Quality of Workmanship

If there’s one thing that this company excels at, it has to be attention to detail. It’s very rare to see anyone complaining about the overall quality of the materials used. Indeed, they have stuck to the use of premium-grade 255gsm vibrant luster canvas. In addition, all their wooden frames are handmade. All these efforts show just how Easy Canvas is dedicated to delivering an enviable final product that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Nothing about the materials, design, and delivery is contemporary or average. So, indeed, this canvas printer is novel in that they’ve managed to retain a keen eye on the printing process effectively ensuring that each art is delivered in the best shape possible.

And the fact that they offer frequent discounts, coupon codes and gift cards means that you can always get their premium services at an affordable price. So, as far as the quality of workmanship is concerned, we’d confidently give these guys a 5-star rating.

What We Don’t Like About Them

Apart from the issue we’ve raised about them not sending digital proofs, we don’t like the fact that they have so many upsells. So, if you’re shopping for canvas prints on a really tight budget, they may not be the best guys to work with (unless you have a promo code).

Also, we don’t like the fact that they’ve provided only one way of uploading photos. We feel that the company needs to change with time and embrace the immense power provided by the digital world. For instance, they should make it possible to upload photos from social media sites.

Final Thoughts

We approve of Easy Canvas Prints although they aren’t perfect. In fact, if they could introduce a pre-print proofing service and add the avenues for uploading photos, we think they’d be flawless. But for now, we’d give them an overall rating of 7 out of 10.